5 Current Wedding Trends

If anyone recalls the 2001 box office smash,The Wedding Planner, starring Jennifer Lopez and Austin’s own Matthew McConaughey, you’d know how organized and helpful J-Lo was when it came to picking out the venue, colors, and decor for her clients, all while trying not to fall for the perfectly tanned Matthew after he saved her life… but, I’ll stop myself before I reveal the ending.

We have plenty of clients that come to us without coordinators though, whom would prefer to plan each and every detail on their own. Thanks to the innovation of creatives, and the convenience of Pinterest and blogs (wink, wink), wedding trends are popping up left + right. We’ve rounded up a collection of some pretty spectacular weddings trends that are currently getting their fair share of attention… and rightfully so. Hopefully, for you brides-to-be out there, we can supply you with some inspiration for your own big day!

1. Indigo

A blue wedding table setting with golden flatware and white china

Photography by: Sarah Carpenter

A blue armchair in a garden lounge setting

Photography by: Jessica Scott

A deep dark indigo shade adds romance and intrigue to any setting, and it’s long been a favorite color of ours before it ever hit the mainstream. Try incorporating this color into your invitations, lounge furniture, or floral bouquet for a subtle, dramatic flair. It walks a perfect line between feminine and masculine, unlike a husband’s most dreaded color: hot pink.

2. Bar Carts

A brass bar cart with flowers and glasses on top

A brass bar cart with colored tumblers

Photography by: Sophie Epton

Picture yourself lounging in New York amongst the cast of Mad Men and discussing the goings on of Wall Street. Or just add red lipstick to your outfit, that’s classy enough, right? The addition of a bar cart can instantly class up your wedding, but it need not be used for alcohol alone (although we’re sure none of your friends will turn down a glass of champagne from your fabulously styled do-it-yourself mimosa bar). To break out of tradition, put the cart to use as a guest book sign-in, temporary tattoo station, or style it with greenery for a more natural feel.

3. Palm Springs Vibes

A lounge outdoor setting in a Palm Springs style

Two Mexican Equipale Chairs

Photography by: Jessica Scott

Who doesn’t love a good time in the sun with pools and palm trees? Having spent every summer in Palm Springs as a child, our owner, Brittany, is quite familiar with the lay of the land when it comes to desert living. You’ll see that our own inventory is very California-esque for this reason. This trendy desert vibe is spot-on in terms of making you feel ultra cool and laid back. Flower crowns and 60’s mod are obvious nods to this theme, and we are not complaining about that in the least.

4. Mixed Patterns

A wooden floor dinner table setting and Turkish pillows

Photography by: Bill Sallens

Mixed colors wedding invitations on a metal tray

Fashion bloggers are always challenging themselves to mix prints into their wardrobe, but who says you have to stop there? From bridesmaids dresses to invitation suites to tabletop features, mixed and matched patterns are a great way to move your guest’s eyes around and locate unique hidden gems throughout your special day.

5. Food Trucks

A light blue food tray at a wedding

An ice cream truck at a wedding

Photography by: Jessica Scott

While guests come to your wedding to celebrate your proclamation of love, let’s get real: they stay for the food. Food trucks are so convenient and they give people a fun experience while chowing down. Keeping the day casual and relaxed, food trucks avoid the awkward song and dance that comes along when you don’t provide assigned seating for guests at a sit-down meal. Instead, guests can grab a bite whenever they please – and trust us, the food trucks here in Austin do NOT disappoint. Call your favorite establishment to see if they offer food truck catering for dinner, dessert, or coffee – or heck, why not all three?!

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