5 Ways to Mix Industrial & Romantic Styles

We love the fact that our inventory is so versatile that it can blend in with just about any style a bride or event coordinator has in mind. Some of the most popular decorating trends right now are industrial and romantic. These two may sound like they’re polar opposite, no? One is masculine, one is feminine. One is dark and moody, one is bright and airy. Straight lines and metals characterize one, while the other boasts organic forms and soft textures. In design, people often tend to go toward one extreme and leave out the other because it seems like mixing industrial pieces with romantic vibes is just plain weird. The truth is though, it can be done — and it can be done beautifully!

Back in the summertime, we teamed up with Color Theory Collective and South Congress Hotel to put together a look that perfectly depicts how simple it can be to merge industrial with even the most romantic color palette and rental pieces. Here are our top five favorite ways to bring together a seemingly odd couple:

A romantic industrial lounge with a Raj Sofa, Turkish KIlim pillows, Anthony coffee table and Damian Poufs

  1. Use one piece to center them all. To start off, our first tip is that you only need one main piece to center the rest of the look around. Our Anthony coffee table is just about as industrial as they come with its wood top and rectangle metal frame. Its size is enough to have a shapely African mud cloth upholstered sofa, two sets of mid-century modern chairs, and some large leather poufs surrounding it, and it still doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. We accented the lounge with blush and neutral toned pillows, and we set the whole thing over a natural seagrass rug layered with a muted Turkish runner.

Salvador Chairs, Hans Chairs, Damian Poufs, A Raj Sofa around an Anthony Coffee Table

An Eden table between two Salvador chairs from Birch & Brass Furniture Rentals

Birch & Brass pieces used: Raj Sofa | Anthony Coffee Table | Salvador Chairs | Hans Chairs | Eden Side Tables | Damian Poufs | Extra Large Jute Rug | Stacey Runner | Bunnell Console | Assorted Turkish Pottery | Mirabella Tray | Assorted Brass Candlesticks | Charlotte Blanket | Muted Turkish Kilim Pillows | Petunia Pillows | Macrame Pillows | Jane Pillows

Black Medrano Bistro Chairs around a Brixton Farm Table with floral centerpieces and brass candlesticks on it

2. Go for contrast. As previously stated, industrial is to dark and romantic is to light in terms of color palettes. A stark contrast of style can be as beautiful as it is striking, which can be seen by our dark farm tables, chairs, and flatware against the light plates, napkins, and backdrop in this tablesetting.

A table setting with organic plates and black and gold flatware

Bodega wine glasses and assorted brass candlesticks from Birch & Brass Rentals in Austin and San Antonio

A floral centerpiece on a Brixton farm table

Birch & Brass pieces used: Brixton Farm Tables | Medrano Bistro Chairs | Black & Gold Flatware | Organic Dinner Plates | Organic Salad Plates | Fringed Natural Napkins | Bodega Wine Glasses | Bodega Medium Glasses | Assorted Brass Candlesticks | Keeva Macrame Backdrop | Large Jute Rug

A modern lounge setting with rental furniture and decor from Birch & Brass Rentals

3. Embrace your surroundings. South Congress Hotel’s minimalist interior and abstract art pieces are like a blank canvas for this sweet and cozy little vignette. Some venues are super rustic and vintage, while some are clean and crisp. That doesn’t mean your style has to be its twin!

A Brown Moroccan Pouf and Muted Turkish Kilim Pillows from Birch & Brass

A Valencia Daybed with assorted pillows

Birch & Brass pieces used: Valencia Daybed | Renee Poufs | Brown Moroccan Poufs | Eden Side Tables | Elizabeth Rug | Tomas Rug | Suki Rugs | Assorted Turkish Pottery | Muted Turkish Kilim Pillows | Jane Pillows | Petunia Pillows | Cream Velvet Pillows

Bevington Barstool and Wilfred Highboy Tables from Birch & Brass Modern Rentals

4. Details, details, details. We’re not exactly furniture makers, but we can imagine it would be pretty difficult to create a “romantic” looking barstool or cocktail table. Thus, for your wedding reception, the details are essential for mixing it up. Florals are prime for this kind of thing, since how can you get more romantic than that? We also love to add in bohemian textiles and colors that help create a fun and inviting feel.

Various vintage and bohemian furniture and decor pieces for weddings and other events

A Pippa Textile Ladder next to a table and bar stools

Birch & Brass pieces used: Bevington Barstools | Wilfred Highboy Tables | Bakers Back Bar | Pippa Textile Ladder | Moroccan Wedding Blankets | Neutral Ceramic Vessels | Peach Demijohns | Clear Demijohns | Cocoa Dinner Plates | Cocoa Salad Plates | Spencer Cake Stands | Jezebel Jug | Macrame Pillows | Pink Water Goblets | Pink Tumblers

Fruit and flower centerpieces on an industrial style table setting

5. Food is your friend. As with florals, food is a great way to incorporate color to a tablescape. Grazing trays of fruit and charcuterie are not only outrageously delicious, but their bright colors and textures always give us heart eyes for days!

Fruit platters from Birch & Brass Rentals

Neville counter stools and counter-height tables from Birch & Brass

Birch & Brass pieces used: Neville Stools | Carl Counter Tables | Assorted Brass Candlesticks | Spencer Cake Stands

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