Austin’s SXSW 2017 Survival Guide

Throughout much of March, Austin and the surrounding areas welcome people from all over the globe to our humble home for SXSW. Hotels are completely booked-up, ride share pricing goes through the roof, restaurants have special menus, and downtown streets are blocked off for a myriad of people to roam the ongoing parties and shows. Locals pretend not to notice the abundance of celebrities all over the place, and the amount of wristbands acquired becomes a competition between those without actual badges. Hmmmm.. smells like SXSW!

It may be the busiest season of the year for a rental company, but we relish every moment of this festival that brings our city so much culture. In true Austin fashion, we put together a collection of items that will help us get through the craziness of work and play that is SXSW 2017. From your shoes and accessories, to local favorites, to finally resting at the end of a long party-filled day, we’ve got your essentials covered.

SXSW festival necessities by Birch & Brass


  1. BAGGU Drawstring Purse | 2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Camera | 3. Raen Luci Sunglasses | 4. Tulsi Fringe Boot | 5. Texas Wildflowers Illustrated Art Print | 6. Sonix Coco Banana Portable IPhone Charger | 7. Austin Argus Fermentables Ciderkin | 8. East Austin Succulents | 9. Selma Wall Hanging | 10. Django & Jamie on Vinyl by Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard | 11. Ash Crescent Lounge

Cheers to you, Live Music Capital of the World!

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