Birch & Brass Austin City Guide

This time of year may be quite chaotic for those of us in the events industry with SXSW in full swing, but we feel so lucky to call Austin home nevertheless. How cool is it that people from all over the world want to come here and gather for talks, shows, & parties? In the midst of all of the madness, there are some places that deserve the spotlight outside of SXSW festivities that we highly recommend making time to visit.

A few great places to visit of you are coming to Austin for SXSW, a bachelorette party, or a weekend getaway.

We could honestly have gone on & on about so many more cool spots, but we narrowed it down to a few tried + true locations. Irene’s is part of the ELM Restaurant Group that also masterminds 24 Diner, Italic, and Easy Tiger, so you know it’s going to be an awesome experience. Hotel Saint Cecilia comes from Bunkhouse Group who has some of the dreamiest properties in the game. Plus, since they’re headquartered in Austin, we get to have three of their hotels, their Fair Market event venue, AND Jo’s Coffee?! What a dream. Bennu Coffee has been there for us through the years when we’ve had to pull all-nighters on delivery shifts, and several Room Service Vintage pieces have made the cut into our inventory — and for that, we are ultra thankful.

In short, the places on this list are renown for their charismatic atmosphere and quality service. Sure, we want people to come to our city for the big festivals and main attractions, but if you ask us, the details of a trip are some of the most memorable from the entire experience. These establishments don’t skimp out on the details, which means pretty much any and every photo taken will undoubtedly be Instagram-worthy. Be sure to shout them out on social media when you do! Tell them we sent ya.

Irene’s | Bennu Coffee | Hotel Saint Cecilia | Native Hostel | Garage Cocktail Bar | Good Company | Violet Crown Cinema | Room Service Vintage

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