Bloguettes Blogging Workshop: Austin

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of sponsoring and attending the Bloguettes workshop here in Austin, which centered around blogging, social media, and photo editing. Hosted by our friends at The Paper + Craft Pantry, it was three solid days where attendees were privy to the abundance of knowledge and seasoned first-hand experience by business owners and bloggers Lorena Garcia and Sakura Considine — AKA some serious mega girl bosses.

They are not at all selfish with their uncanny social media and branding know-how, and they dedicate themselves to sharing that knowledge with everyone willing to listen. Their website is full of in-depth webinars and informative blog posts, and this workshop was comparable to 100 of them jam packed into three days of learning.

As sponsor of the workshop, we provided cozy lounge seating areas for all of the attendees to hang out in, as well as our beloved Keeva macrame backdrop. We wanted to stick to a Valentine’s day color palette without being completely cheesy, so we incorporated various shades of pink, ivory, leathers, and some tan neutrals.

 a chair and a side table decorated with greenery for the Bloguettes workshop

We took so many notes on all of the tips and tricks to creating and building a brand that is both consistent, beautiful, and transparent; we hope our client’s see that within Birch & Brass as we continue to grow. Not only were the attendees of the workshop fangirling over Lorena and Sakura themselves, but Brandy Pham, founder and designer of Planoly came in to speak about the trials and triumphs she and her team had creating a company that not everyone around her supported. She’s also an incredible jewelry designer, by the way. It was so inspirational to hear these women speak with confidence to empower other seekers and creatives to go hard after what they want to achieve.

Blush and peach furniture items from Birch & Brass

Inventory used: Paloma sofa | Renee poufs | Ollie chairs | Jefferson coffee table | Becca side tables | Athena runner | Jute XL rug | Rose gold candlesticks | Muted Turkish kilim pillows | Pippa textile ladder | Antonio Kantha quilt | Koda Kantha quilt | Macrame pillows | Potted plants

a lounge area with a wooden coffee table and a glass side table

a chalk board and a wooden ladder

A green centerpiece on a coffee table

Our lounge had the pleasure of being accompanied by the floral creations of Good Seed Floral Design Co., fresh breakfast from Forthright Cafe, and delicious lunch was provided by our friends at Cote Catering. It was an absolute dream to get to gather with women from all across the country and learn how to better ourselves and our businesses. We are so thankful we live in a city with such an incredible creative community that people are willing to travel far and wide to be a part of!

a lounge area decorated with greens

a white fringe curtain behind the sofa

Inventory used: Nina settee | Keeva macrame backdrops | Muted Turkish kilim pillows

a white fringe curtain and a large greenery arrangement behind a peach sofa

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