5 Tips for Decorating with Simplicity

Blue sofa and blush velvet chairs from Birch & Brass Rentals in Austin, TX

We revamped our showroom just in time for the sun to finally come out in Austin this week! We love mixing up our vibe, and this time we went with an approach slightly different than our usual. Although still staying true to our unique style, we decided to stick with simplicity in this lounge. We had a few guidelines when picking out pieces and arranging them. We ended up with this effortless, whimsical lounge that looks like it should be sitting in a meadow from one of our favorite childhood storybooks.

Keep reading to find out the five things we always keep in mind when we want to keep things minimal and simple!

A sofa, pillows, a coffee table and lots of greenery around from Birch & Brass Rentals

  1. Florals and greenery can be the focal point. Thanks to the awesome team at Petals, ink., we used this beautiful floral arrangement to center the entire lounge around, and repurposed the greenery installation from a previous shoot to be the backdrop, with our brass candlesticks adding some mystique. This was the first thing we added, because we knew we wanted the colors and textures to play off of the natural elements. It also gives the feeling of nature taking over, which is definitely something we’re all about!

Assorted brass and golden candle sticks and pillows

2. Utilize pieces of similar colors with various textures. Aside from the sofa (a deep, deep navy blue velvet that we cannot get enough of), we chose items that were bright neutrals & different textures: linen, velvet, ruched, wool, and mohair. These subtle textural shifts move the eye around to the different pieces. Yet, they’re not overwhelming the viewer with tons of crazy colors.

Romantic armchairs and coffee table rentals from Birch & Brass in Austin and San Antonio

3. Mixing vintage and modern can still be clean and simple. Mid-century modern is our go-to BFF on this one. Our ideal mid-mod piece for this lounge is our Robinson sofa. He melds together the clean lines and simple trappings of the modern coffee table, while staying true to its vintage origins. This helps to prevent the (gorgeous) traditional blush velvet tufted chairs from looking unexpected.

Armchairs and pillows in a romantic setting

A traditional blush velvet tufted chair with pillows and blankets from Birch & Brass Rentals

4. Patterns should be limited. But are certainly not discouraged! We layered a medium sized white wool rug with criss-crosses over a larger blue, green, and brown antique Persian rug, which also technically could fall under mixing vintage and modern as well! We also threw in the gray plaid pillows for a little masculinity.

Assorted candles sticks and greenery on white shelves

A medium sized white wool rug with criss-crosses over a larger blue, green, and brown antique Persian rug

5. Stick to the essentials. Minimalism and simplicity are all about narrowing down and getting back to the basics. Eliminating the unnecessary is the bread and butter within furnishings. That’s why leaving out side tables and floor cushions may feel incomplete initially, but when you take a step back and look at the product of the pieces working together as a whole, they’re already getting the job done beautifully on their own!

Romantic and vintage lounge setting with florals and greenery

Birch & Brass pieces showcased: Robinson Sofa | Lauren Coffee Table | Mikala Chairs | Gray Plaid Pillows | Petunia Pillows | Turkish Hemp PillowsJoyce Pillows | Ella Blanket | Tomas Rug | Hollis Rug | Assorted Brass Candlesticks

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