Flea Market Finds: Round Top Antique’s Week Recap

Earlier this spring, we trekked out to Round Top, TX for a buying trip during Antiques Week. For the uninitiated, the tiny town of Round Top hosts antiques vendors from across the country to sell their vintage wares twice a year: once in the spring and fall. Before making our pilgrimage, we had a general idea of pieces we’d hoped to find in the sea of white tents set up along every road, but when it comes to shopping for vintage furniture and decor pieces, we’ve learned to keep an open mind. You just never know what you’ll find at the market. If you decide to venture out to Round Top next fall, or if you love spending your weekends antiquing at local vendors, you should definitely read our insider’s guide to shopping at flea markets.

But to get a closer look at this year’s Round Top haul, scroll through all the pieces we added to our inventory below. To start, we added forty rugs to our collection, a mountain of gorgeous new pillows, and one handsome new leather sofa. It was a long day on our feet, but our love for vintage furniture is unending. We have so many ideas on how to incorporate these new pieces to your event rental package, so we can’t wait for you to meet all of our new items.

We searched through stacks and stacks of vintage rugs. In fact, it took two rounds of sorting and flipping through rugs to make sure we selected pieces that would fit seamlessly within our existing catalog of rugs. And with our clients in mind, many of whom request rental pieces with a Southwestern flare, we fell in love with several Turkish Kilim rugs with a sunset color palette. With their warm-hued color story, our new Southwestern-style rugs are perfect for wedding ceremony altars, cocktail (i.e., frozen margarita) lounges, or anywhere else you’re looking to add some desert vibes. If you need some visual inspiration on how to add these rugs to your lounge setting, we even revamped our Santa Fe Lounge to include the Marcelina rug.

Marcelina | Cassian | Victor | Rueben | Alma

Our Eneby sofa is definitely one of our best finds from this year’s Round Top haul. This handsome addition to our collection of leather sofas has so much to offer in terms of style. Not only were we drawn to his midcentury frame, but his perfectly worn-in, burnt-caramel leather is a showstopper. Probably the best part about the Eneby sofa is that he’s incredibly versatile; he fits just as well in a sleek and modern lounge as he does in a more rustic setting. For example, check him out in our Boston Lounge. For an additional touch of leather, we also love our Soledad bench and matching Sierra stools. We think this duo showcases a more boho vibe (see our San Clemente Lounge), but nevertheless they are a great way to add seating to your event lounge without adding bulk.

Eneby | Soledad | Sierra

What these rugs and runners lack in size they more than make up for in beauty. Another popular design request that we often get from brides is a layered rug ceremony aisle. Many of them have that well-worn look and feature soft neutral colors with pops of warm tones. We’re so happy to add this new batch of small rugs to our rotation, ensuring that your ceremony aisle is truly one-of-a-kind.

Kenzo | Delta | Kamali | Amerie | Cruz | Rumi | Breslin

Like our rug shopping experience, we flipped through piles and piles of Turkish pillowcases in search of pieces that would add pattern and color to our lounges. These are the beauties we finally settled on. They range in style from simple and understated to rich and colorful.

Neutral Kilim | Pink Hemp | Striped Hemp | Taupe Hemp | Navy Hemp | Blue Kilim

If you’ve seen our recent post on our collection of blue furniture and accessories, you already know we love a cool-hued color palette. These rugs are no exception. Between the romantic style of Clement and the more subdued nature of Marcy and Balthazar, we’re bound to have something that fits your next event design. These rugs will definitely help you keep your cool.

Marcy | Keaton | Clement | Balthazar | Jacinda

Our Howard coffee table is one of those guys that’s most-liked by our clients. So when we stumbled upon Heath and Holden in Round Top, we knew we had to bring them home. Like their older brother, they also feature that striking live-edge style. These guys definitely make a great case for a rustic and rugged event style.

Holden | Heath

Forget whatever anyone has ever told you about how to pull off stripes. We always say yes to stripes no matter which way. That said, a lot of our corporate clients favor rentals that are more on the neutral side. And they’re also a serious fan of large lounges. So with these ideas in mind, we found rugs that achieves all of these design goals. These striped pieces will allow clients to get creative with their furniture selections. With a neutral toned rug, brides and clients alike can opt for sofas and chairs that are more colorful. Likewise, we think these rugs would really pop against more toned down pieces. The aforementioned San Clemente Lounge is yet another good example of how to pull off stripes.

Atlas | Ramona | Lachlan | Lex | Ryker

These ottoman stools are great additions to our collection because, like our Sierra stools and Soledad bench, they offer additional seating in a unique way. Whether you like the more dramatic statement that Lyric makes or the quieter mood of Channing, we’re so happy to see these in our warehouse.

Don’t be afraid of color. It’s no secret we’re in a committed relationship with neutral colors (seriously, you should see our wardrobe). But every now and then we’re craving a burst of color—and these rugs undoubtedly satisfy that desire. To get an idea of how to incorporate them into a lounge setting, take a look at our Copenhagen Lounge, which includes the Malachi rug pictured below. You’d be surprised how these rugs can add color without being overwhelming.

Felicity | Lola | Malachi | Vida | Mabel

Finally, we added a few of these gorgeous pieces of Turkish pottery to our decor collection. Brides can use them as floral vessels to be used along a ceremony aisle. Clients can add them to lounges for a stylish lived-in feel. These pots are incredibly versatile and one-of-a-kind, each featuring their own charm and patina.

Large White Turkish Pottery | Small White Turkish Pottery | Medium White Turkish Pottery

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