Green Lily Bakery Shoot

We recently were introduced to Jessica Binder Henderson, the owner of a new Austin-based boutique bakery called Green Lily Bakery. Her bakery specializes in organic and natural ingredients. Her butter cream is literally to die for – and it doesn’t contain sugar or shortening – it’s made with the good stuff: butter.

Yet, baking wasn’t always her calling. She discovered in pre-med school that she enjoyed baking sweet treats for her friends more than medical school itself, and thus pursued an education at Le Cordon Bleu instead. Jessica soon learned the importance of locally grown, organic, sustainable foods, which lead her to pursue her passion of opening her own bakery.

Upon trying her delicious treats myself (mini cakes, cupcakes, naked cakes, oh my!), I knew that we needed to collaborate. While we’ve recently worked together on a splendid shoot that I cannot yet share here, I would like to introduce you to her bakery via her own recent shoot.

When Jessica asked to utilize some of our pieces of in our collection, we gladly obliged. It’s wonderful to help fellow newcomers in the wedding industry, especially when they’re as talented as Jessica is.
Not only did the photos turn out gorgeous (to the point of us literally wanting to lick our screens because her cakes look THAT darn good), but the florals can’t help but capture your attention, as well. It also doesn’t hurt that she was able to shoot at The Union on Eighth, a new-ish wedding and event venue in historical downtown Georgetown, TX.

Our featured pieces were: Wood crates, Dolce table, Gold flatware, Nico chair, Turkish Kilim pillows.

Blue velvet Nico chair and a wooden dessert support

Dessert bar setting with tiered cakes and assorted candlesticks

Blue velvet Nico chair with flowers and desserts on it

Desserts on wooden crates

Thanks to Laura Morsman for all of the photos.

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