Home Renovation: Final Stages of Construction

It’s admittedly been a long time since I’ve posted about my home’s remodel on this here blog, but I’m back to share our progress photos as we near the final stages of construction on our home. It’s been a very draining process — literally a full-time job in itself to manage the entire process — but it’s beyond gratifying to finally see results. It was months of the ugly (plumbing, framing, drywall, electrical) before we got to the pretty (fixtures, hardware, paint, tile, hardwoods, cabinetry).

Watching our new, clean-line modern doors with matte black hardware be installed was one of the best days of the entire process; I find that it’s not always the large details that transform an entire home, but rather, the smaller ones.

a white hallway with a wooden white ceiling

black and white windows and door

I had a very clear vision for what our home would look like when we bought it, although I’m sure some (or many) people couldn’t comprehend why I thought the southwestern mess we purchased was the home we ultimately decided upon purchasing. I’m hoping they now can see the potential that I saw in this previous disaster when I first laid my eyes upon it. The amount of natural light that infiltrates throughout the space is literally breathtaking; I love nothing more than an open, bright, airy space. We’ve gone with an extremely neutral palette of white, light woods, and a pop of indigo (in textiles and decorative items) to mimic the ocean. My intention was to bring a modern-relaxed California vibe into our home via the furniture, with an overall nordic design via the architecture.

I loved seeing our new cabinets go in, but the brass hardware was actually what made me fall in love with them (not shown here yet, sorry!). Our Caesarstone Vivid White countertops were installed this past week and they look absolutely perfect. What used to be an oddly shaped diagonal counter is now a huge penninsula where I’ll most definitely sit every night and catch up with Fede over a glass of wine as he cooks us dinner. Yep, that really happens on the regular… ladies, marry a man who loves to cook! I’m still contemplating if I want to pull the Caesarstone up as a backsplash in the kitchen, but I think I’ll wait to see until after we move-in. I anticipate many future projects in this home once we’ve lived there awhile, because I’m not the type of person that leaves things be; I love changing them around, swapping things out, making tweaks here and there.

white and cream kitchen cabinets

white walls and ceiling

We still have a laundry list of items that still need to be completed: designing laundry + pantry shelving, installing the master closet, designing closet doors, designing modern barn doors, glass installation, finishing the master shower + vanity wall because the stucco completely cracked, landscaping the property, installing a fence in our front yard, installing gutters, and painting the exterior. We decided to go with a very starkly contrasting exterior… a deep, almost-black gray. I haven’t yet decided if we’ll do the trim in black or white, so that’s next on my project list.

That may sound like a very hefty to-do list, but it’s honestly about the last 15-20% of the project. Perhaps that gives you insight into how many steps each process took along the way? I’m not sure a single day went by during the process that I wasn’t texting Claire or Aaron of Ramsdell Rustic asking for their insight. It was a grueling process and one that sounded much simpler on paper. I can’t say I always handled it with grace — there were certainly meltdowns on the regular and plenty of frantic phone calls to my husband, but we’ve made it through somehow!

a swimming pool in the backyard

I’ve spent many days working from the construction site instead of my office (the photo below isn’t staged!) while waiting for the inspector, laborers, or important deliveries to arrive. Point blank: it was a daily struggle to balance the demands of the home versus the demands of growing a business. I didn’t think this day would ever come, but we’re finally set to move in TOMORROW! While I pack up our apartment today, Fede will be laying sod in the backyard to prep it for grass and the many tropical plants that we plan to bring into the backyard.

two girls working at a desk

bathroom taps and lamps

the bedroom closet

Hope you’ve enjoyed following along with our journey, and I can’t wait to show you photos once the home has been deep-cleaned and we’ve started to FINALLY furnish the space. We purged nearly everything when we moved into our temporary apartment this past summer, so it’ll definitely be a slow process in building up pieces that I love. The irony isn’t lost on me — I have 6,000 square feet of furniture at our Birch & Brass warehouse, yet none for my own home. All we have are a set of bar stools for the peninsula, a dining table, and two beds (of which we’ll probably sell both eventually).

If you see me frantically running around at Round Top next month snatching up pieces of furniture left + right, please excuse me. I don’t want to have a cold and empty home, but I also want to be very intentional with what I bring into our space, so I have a shopping list for when I hit the flea market. I don’t plan on having an entirely vintage home, as I do want to differentiate the aesthetic of Birch & Brass with that of my home. Instead, I prefer to have statement vintage pieces throughout the space, complimented by some of my favorite modern designers.

We had to purchase lighting so quickly that we unfortunately selected some pieces that didn’t quite match our overall design, so I have two different fixtures we need to re-home. I don’t want to make the same costly mistake with the furniture, so I’m waiting until we move to figure out exactly what we do + don’t need. I must admit though, I’ve been counting down the days until my rug dealer comes to town from Turkey so that I can score some beautiful textiles to warm up the space. Is it March yet? I’m coming for you, Marburger!

xoxo, Britt

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