Home Renovation: Living Areas “Before”

As promised, I’m back for round two of the “before” images of my home renovation. If you missed the original post of the common areas like this gem of a kitchen (if only you could sense sarcasm through a post), you can find it here.

light blue kitchen cabinets above the stove

This week, we’re finally submitting the plans to the city, so fingers crossed. We’ve had such a seamless process working with our architect, Andrew Logan with Logan Architecture – truly can’t recommend him highly enough. In an ideal world, demo will begin very soon. The first thing to go will be the kitchen cabinets, as we’re re-purposing the lowers for our new kitchen space at Birch & Brass. They’ll be re-painted and new DIY hardware will be added to them, so they’ll be looking nice and spiffy by the time we reveal our new warehouse space.

Speaking of paint… our house was rainbow-colored prior to the previous tenant’s listing it for sale. Each and every wall in this home was red, yellow, blue, green, or pink — even the kitchen had purple cabinets and a yellow backsplash wall (which opened up to a pink fireplace and a red living room). Because walking into a home and feeling as if you’re tripping on acid isn’t most people’s dream home, they did a shoddy job of quickly re-painting all of the walls a cream color without priming first. So, each shade of white that we select turns gray, blue, or off-white. We’ll be using a true white in the home, which doesn’t feel stark white, thanks to the hidden rainbow underneath those layers of paint.

The bedrooms will be receiving the least attention in terms of construction, as they’re already blank canvases. You’ll notice that none of the closets are truly functional, though. We’ll be putting in functional storage, adding doors to them, and knocking down the arches. Although I do like the character they add (well, besides the half arches… not a fan of those), custom arched doors would be $8k. I can think of about 1,000 other things more worthy of that much money. Of course, the fun part for these bedrooms will be sourcing furniture, which is obviously my favorite part of this entire journey.

The walls in the home are very, very textured, and the bathrooms and interiors of the closets have a faux plaster applied, so our painter definitely has his work cut out for him. He will be floating every wall in the home, and probably cursing at me under his breath for asking him to do so.

the guest bedroom and the storage area

Guest Bedroom #1

a window in the guest bedroom

Guest Bedroom #1

a bright corner in a guest bedroom

Guest Bedroom #2

storage area in a second guest bedroom

Guest Bedroom #2

The master bedroom is the only space in the entire home with real hardwood flooring, so we’ll be ripping them out and using the wood elsewhere in the home. Unfortunately, the guest bedrooms are laminate flooring and the rest of the home is a clay skin-colored tile that we’ll be demo’ing ASAP.

a large window in the master bedroom

Master Bedroom

two narrow windows in the master bedroom

Master Bedroom

two corner windows in the master bedroom

Master Bedroom

The master bathroom will receive the most updating out of anywhere in the home, because it currently has the most awkward configuration. We have weird angles throughout the space, including oddly sized separate closets, shelving at the ceiling, the largest bathtub you’ve ever seen, and a bizarre placement for the toilet. We’ll be reworking the entire space to have a better flow and to be an overall more functional space. It’s a very large bathroom, but with its current configuration, it’s choppy and the space isn’t well-used. We’ll be ripping everything out, but salvaging the vanity since it’s made of solid wood and can be repurposed.

master bathroom with wooden cabinets

Master Bathrooom

a bathtub in the master bathroom

a shower in the master bathroom light blue and wooden colors in the bathroomthe water closet in the bathroom

The guest bathroom’s configuration won’t be changing much, aside from a dramatic revamp in terms of style, color, and finishes. The current bath tub doesn’t even hit at my knees (I’m only 5’4″), so if any adult tried to bathe in there, the water would nearly immediately overflow. Needless to say, we’ll be replacing the tub for functionality purposes. As promised, here are your ombre salmon pink walls.

grey, brown, and orange in the guest bathroom

Guest Bathroom

the bathtub in the guest bathroom

The home technically has 4 bedrooms, but we’ll be converting the tiniest one into an office space. Both Fede and myself work from home every morning and evening, so it’s necessary for us to have a dedicated workspace. While we don’t work together, it will be nice to spend a bit of time together each morning while he drinks his coffee and I drink my tea, without fighting over the tiny desk we currently share. It’s the little things in life!

a small work space by the door


a narrow window in the corner of the room

All photos via Jessica Scott Photography

Let’s hope that our permits get approved and the ball gets rolling soon on this renovation project, because I’m so eager to share the transformation as it starts to unfold. I’ll be back next time with the last of the “before” images, which will show you the exterior of the home. This is actually the portion we fell in love with upon first sight, and you’ll soon see why!

xo, Britt

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