Hotel Saint Cecilia: Feast Day

One of our most loyal clients, Hotel Saint Cecilia, hosts an annual Feast Day that honors the patron saint of music. The funds raised from the event benefit the SIMS Foundation, and we’ve had the honor of co-sponsoring this event in both 2014 and 2015. It’s an evening of musical merriment and plenty of libations for all.

This year’s theme was Moroccan inspired, which was a perfect match for our style here at B&B. There was plenty of low floor tables, poufs, rugs (Sienna, Frida, Laurel, Freya) and vivid Turkish kilim pillows were all around. It was a chilly evening here in Austin, so guests gathered around the gorgeously displayed (and delicious!) foods by Jeffrey’s of Austin, as they sipped on their mulled wine out of our mid-century tumblers to stay warm. As you can imagine, our Clayton bar was a huge hit amongst the attendees; he definitely received a lot of loving!

Our vintage silver and brass platters were filled with delicious treats, brass candlesticks burned all night long, and our Ziggy coffee table was the perfect accompaniment to a lounge area. Does it get any better than having a snare as a table? We think not. A combination of wicker pieces, such as our Frederick chairs and Heidi table, added that perfectly groovy 70’s vibe the hotel was going for.

Candles were everywhere – no… really… we mean everywhere! We wanted to light the entire place up with a glow, because who doesn’t love the look of dripping wax? It creates such a beautiful and romantic environment for guests.

Hoping you enjoy these photos and gain some inspiration for your own events!

All images below are courtesy of Daniel Cavazos.

Burning brass candlesticks

Low floor tables, poufs, rugs and vivid Turkish kilim pillows

Turkish pillows

A coral centerpiece

A skull floral centerpiece

The sign to the entrance of the Hotel Cecilia

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