In The Christmas Spirit

Without a doubt, Christmas is my favorite holiday! I love everything about it (yes, even the sometimes stressful shopping), as well as the weeks of preparation leading up to the special day.  Driving around neighborhoods that have all covered their homes in twinkle lights brings an immediate smile to my face, as does seeing garland on lamp posts and star-topped trees shining brightly through one’s windows.

It’s a time for people to come together with their loved ones and stuff their faces with delicious food. Whether it’s the cooking (which I typically leave for others – I’m more of a baking gal myself), or watching my nephew’s open their gifts from Santa and shrieking with joy, it’s all so joyous to me. I remember how magical it was to come downstairs to a stocking full of treats and shiny new toys, but I also recall how much fun it was to make gingerbread houses with my mom or bake cookies for schoolmates.

I’ve been counting down the days until it’s acceptable to begin decorating my house since October, and we’re almost there. We cut down our own tree at a local farm outside of Austin, and it’s always so exciting to decorate it with mementos from my childhood. Our ornaments aren’t fancy and gorgeous, but they each have a story behind them that brings back wonderful memories.

In honor of this glorious holiday, I wanted to put together a unique spinoff of the traditional green and red décor. Instead, I opted for teal and whites, sort of a throwback to the retro designs in the 1950’s. I thought it was a perfect spread for a corporate holiday party. As guests sit amongst their co-workers and nibble on cheese, crackers, and maybe some honeybaked ham, they can do so in the comforts of our mid-century daybed and tufted chairs.

I also envisioned a sweets table, because what’s a party without some sugar? We had a variety of cakes and small desserts displayed on our sideboard of goodness.

Christmas lounge area from Birch & Brass Rentals

Persi Nesting Tables with greenery and pine cones Nelson Coffee Table

A mini white Christmas tree

Desserts bar on a wooden stand

Christmas desserts with white and blue tones

Thanks to Brodie Homestead for allowing me to make my vision come to life in your gorgeous venue.

All photos via J.Noel Photography.

Birch & Brass pieces used: Claudette Daybed, Nico Chair, Faye Chair, Lux Chairs, Vernita Rug, Vintage Doily, Mismatched Gold China, Kona Plate Warmer, Leah Cake Stand, Persi Nesting Tables, Conrad Nesting Table, Nelson Table, Mismatched Cup & Saucers, Culver Flower Pots, Brass Tray.

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