10 Tips For Throwing A Dinner Party In 1 Hour

Have you ever woken up late, gotten dressed in the dark and put on two different shoes, spilled coffee on yourself at work, then forgotten that you were throwing a dinner party for your friend’s recent promotion in just a few short hours? Imaginary scenario, yes, but things like this do indeed happen often… at least in our world they do! Rather than throwing in the towel and canceling the entire affair, we say “Fear not!” because we would like to provide you with our tried-and-true last-minute dinner party tips.

Let’s face it: no matter how many articles on minimalism we read and how many times we reorganize our closet, the modern-day woman will have a busy, scatterbrained day every once in awhile. It is said that optimists and creative minds think they can achieve more in the amount of time on their hands than is actually practical, and that multi-tasking can make a person’s sense of time non-existent. This makes sense considering all the different hats girl bosses, mothers, and daily grinders wear on a daily basis in order to be successful.

We’re no stranger to any of these circumstances, and trust us when we say that even your most Martha Stewart-esque girlfriends aren’t either. Regardless of experience or know-how, our top 10 tips for throwing a dinner party in under one hour are simple and easily executed. Here we go!

  1. Make a quick trip to the nearest grocery store for some fruits, veggies, cheeses, crackers, and bread. It will give the guests plenty of options to munch on and will steer the evening to be about fellowship and bonding rather than being focused on a formal, coursed meal.

olives and carrots as snacks

2. No need for fancy cocktails and champagne coupes. Throw some bottles on a tub of ice and let guests pick our their favorite brews!

3. Don’t waste time cleaning your entire house. If things aren’t looking their best inside, take the party to the back patio or a neighborhood park if the weather is working on your side that day.

a swing chair in a garden

4. Grab whatever clean plates, bowls, and napkins you have in your kitchen. Time is of the essence, so your mother’s rule of matching colors and patterns can go out the window for one day. We promise not to tell her.

a bowl with a salad on a crochet table top

5. In terms of decor and Insta-worthy tablescapes, fresh stems from a ready-made bouquet picked up at the aforementioned grocery store do wonders strewn across the table or as cute little garnishes.

a bowl of strawberries

6. Got a stylish friend on the guest list? Ask them to help out by bringing some trinkets to throw on the table and create an eclectic bohemian vibe.

brass candlesticks and small flower arrangements

7. The more haphazard the table arrangement, the better. Who will make note of the mismatched dinnerware if it’s presented as if it’s intentional?

assorted snacks on wooden cutting boards

8. Embrace the unexpected. Don’t have a vase laying around? Grab a cute glass, toss a flower in it, and call it a day.

brass candlesticks and flowers in small glasses

9. Sometimes the most random assortment of food and decorations can create the most welcoming atmosphere. Got a picnic basket you found at a neat vintage store? Great! Stuff it with some snacks and let the people attack!

fruit and bread in a picnic basket

10. Don’t take the affair too seriously. Let it be a reflection of your personality, and if there area few hiccups throughout the evening, c’est la vie!

golden forks in a traditional table setting

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