Midwest Furniture Sourcing Trip

We recently got back from a week-long trip to the Midwest to source some of the coolest vintage furniture finds we could ever have wished for. After a very early morning flight, we arrived in Cleveland and hit the ground running by picking up our 20-foot U-Haul and heading to our first shop immediately.

We were shopping from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. most days, and in-between, we were trying to catch up on emails (and sleep a little, because you know, it’s necessary). If you’ve read our previous blog post on how our process for collecting vintage furniture for our inventory works, you know that it requires a specific vision to look at a dingy old sofa with tears and stains and see past that. We try to focus on an item’s potential. Does it have nice lines? A beautiful wooden frame? What’s unique about it? Can we picture an awesome new upholstery on it? If we could answer some of these questions positively, the item went home with us.

Flea Markets, thrift stores, and antique malls were our go-to shopping spots, and per usual, the Midwest didn’t disappoint. We were able to bring home some of our absolute favorite items (once they’re re-done, of course). We have somewhere around 40-50 items at our upholsterer’s shop right now… we sort of lost count?!

We tried to balance work-with-play and visited some of the cutest tea shops and cafes along the way. In Columbus’ German Village, the brick streets with picturesque houses perfectly capture the feel of Americana. Little Italy in Cleveland had charming restaurants, and we were able to enjoy one of the most delicious Italian-American meals there, with a glass of vino, of course!

antique furniture store

a light green house

the inside of a thrift store

inside of a vintage furniture store

a beautiful house with a large garden in front of it

We were fortunate enough to visit of friend, Jennifer Harrison of Flea Market Fab.  We fell in deep, dark, passionate love with her adorable home full of unique bohemian pieces. From her covered patio that was a bohemian dream come true, to her soon-to-be completed studio space, we pretty much wanted all of it to come home with us. Le sigh. Thankfully, she was in the process of a massive sale, so we were able to swoop up a few items for our inventory!

vintage items in a thrift store

a bright and airy vintage store

After making the 3-day drive back to Austin, we had an unloading party at the warehouse where we separated the items that need to make a trip out to the upholsterer, and ones that were good to go directly into inventory. Our delivery crew was in absolute shock with just how much we were able to fit into our truck. Some pieces such as tables and small items are already live on our site, but we’ll have to wait a while to see the finished products of the others. We’re counting down the days until these babies get a major facelift!

We’ll also be selling some of our finds in a Shoppe Birch & Brass sale (Instagram handle: @shoppebirchandbrass) in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled. We’ll have a variety of items, per usual.

Birch & Brass team loading vintage furniture in a truck

Birch & Brass picking vintage items from antique stores

the vintage furniture items Birch & Brass collected

bright colored vintage furniture pieces

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