Mixing Modern & Vintage

Mixing modern and vintage elements into your own decor may at first feel awkward, kitschy, and/or outlandish, but for us vintage lovers in the 21st-century, it’s such a fun journey with fabulous results. Older pieces adds texture, contrast, and can say so much about your own personality.

A great vintage sofa can be a wonderful centerpiece for a lounge setting with a pair of modern side chairs and a clean-line coffee table, all of which is tied together nicely with the character of your unique sofa. Or reverse it! A contemporary sofa can look so perfect next to some uniquely aged chairs. Either options provides you with an aesthetic that won’t be duplicated, because that’s the beauty of vintage: it’s rare! No need to worry about your friend having the same pieces in their home, because it’s darn near impossible.

If you don’t have the budget for a large-scale piece, why not invest in some vintage plant stands, blankets and throw pillows instead? All of these details complete the entire look of a space, and we certainly never decorate without them. You’ll be surprised how much warmth and texture those little additions bring to a space.

Below are some examples of previous events that have incorporated our more mid-century modern pieces with traditional items, and occasionally, a newer item such as a jute rug. This blending of elements allows your space to not feel as if you’ve stepped back into a previous time period, but rather, have blended them all seamlessly.

vintage modern mix

a vintage mix of items for a lounge area

two Brenner chairs in a vintage lounge setting

two leather chairs in a lounge setting

a green velvet sofa in an outdoor lounge setting

white chairs for a dining table

a tall cactus in a blush pot

assorted blankets on a wall

Photography by Kat Bevel

Have we inspired you to blend some old & new within your own space yet? We sure hope so!

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