Modern Day Meets Sci-Fi: SXSW

Last year, we had the pleasure of working with a venture capitalist firm located in the Silicon Valley, called Foundation Capital. We styled the heck out of their SXSW event in 2015 and had so much fun in the process, so we were elated when they approached us to do the full design and production for this year’s event. After scouting 33 venues in town with them, we selected The Four Horsemen on good ol’ dirty 6th, because who doesn’t want to be right in the thick of it all during SXSW?

The Four Horsemen - Austin, TX

They wanted to base the event around a theme of modern-day being the “future” that was often talked about in science fiction films. With cars that can drive themselves, phones with better operating systems than original computers, and so many other modern-day inventions, it was to be a blend of this old school meets modern theme for the brunch. And, this wasn’t to be a stuffy sit-down affair. We wanted guests to cure their hangover with spiked coffee cocktails, a mimosa bar, and the most delicious selection of different flavored bloody mary’s. East Side Kings provided the catering since they’re located in-house (hello, convenience!) and guests had small bites of plenty of different delicious items on the menu created specifically for this event.

Small bottles with juice at the bar

Cocktail menu written with chalk

Barbecue Blaster cocktail

Bolt Bubbles cocktail

Three cocktails at the bar

Snack bar arrangement

A tray with sandwiches at a corporate party

Appetizers on a tray

Mid-century modern furniture was an obvious choice, so we hand-selected various lounges throughout the space and accented with our new Eames chairs. We wanted to emphasize color in the space since it was an otherwise neutral venue, and we definitely needed the furniture to evoke feelings of the good old days before modern technology. Talk about one awesomely designed space, right?

White chairs  for the public in front of a stage

People sitting in a lounge setting

Enjoy the photos below for a peek into what we here at Birch & Brass created alongside some of our favorite vendors in town.

A mint Wes Sectional sofa, Renzo Chairs and an Olivia Coffee Table

Wes Sectional | Renzo Chairs | Olivia Coffee Table | Natasha Rug

A Jackman Sofa, a Theo Coffee Table, a Shiran Rug and Felix Chairs for a lounge setting

Jackman Sofa | Theo Coffee Table | Shiran Rug | Felix Chairs

A Sunny Sofa, a William Coffee Table and Ariana Chairs for a lounge setting

Lux Chairs | Sunny Sofa | William Coffee Table | Ariana Chairs

A white Toby Coffee Table and a Morris Sofa

Teagan Chairs | Flynn Chairs | Toby Coffee Table | Morris Sofa

Rather than a simple stamp or paper bracelet to show guests were invited to the event, we had the idea of getting slap bracelets produced. Talk about one fun throwback to our childhood – and guests LOVED them!

Guest note station

Small pots with cacti

A person writing on a board

Rentals, Cacti Design, Styling, & Production: Birch & Brass Vintage Rentals | Photography: J.Noel Photography | Wall Menu Signage: J.RoCro Arts + Letters | Catering: East Side Kings | Venue: The Four Horsemen | Coffee: Casa Brasil | Vinyl Entrance Signage: Waterloo Printing | Lighting: Intelligent Lighting Design | Live Artist: HOPE Foundation | Pipe & Draping: Monarch Event Rentals


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