New & Improved

A lot of changes have been taking place here at the Birch & Brass bungalow that are so exciting. We’re in the process of renovating our office space now that we’ve expanded our team. In came a new reclaimed wood conference table that we designed with a local carpenter, and out went our small desks that no longer fit as we needed some extra room in this tiny bungalow to accommodate our growing staff.

We’ve been painting the week away and are hoping the new design will better fit our aesthetic and scream Birch & Brass from all directions! I’m sure you’re anticipating indigo, rugs, plenty of greenery, and white walls, right? If so, you nailed our vision! More to come on that soon…

Until our office is completed, we thought we would also share our new branding with you. We’re in the process of working on our new website which should be launching within the next week, and you may have already noticed our new logo on our Instagram. We thought we’d share a small glimpse into what will be coming up very soon.

Birch & Brass color pattern

Birch & Brass logo design


A HUGE thank you to the wonderful, talented, and absolute joy to work with, Anelise Salvo. We went to her with a vision of what we had in mind, and she absolutely exceeded our expectations. It’s such a wonderful feeling for our company to now be in line with our mid-century vibe.

Birch & Brass primary logo

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