New Birch & Brass Styled Lounges

We know how très difficile it can be to plan a wedding or large-scale event. Thinking of all that you want to incorporate, who you need to invite (do you really need to invite creepy Uncle Bob, you ask your mother), deciding on the perfect calligraphy for your envelopes, and of course, choosing the venue location can seem like an insurmountable feat. You may have vintage rentals on your radar, but sifting through our rental collection to create a custom lounge area may be a bit overwhelming.

So, we wanted to simplify the process for you! We love working with all different types of clients with a large-range of styles, so we took it upon our shoulders to create some pre-styled lounges to suit an eclectic array of tastes — small and minimal to southwestern and bohemian. If you’re in a time crunch or simply have exhausted your own creative juices, let us help you out by inserting our carefully curated lounges to set the scene for your special day.

Below are a few of our favorite lounge selections, with some options that seat up to 10 guests. Check out the rest of our lounges here and let’s get started planning your event!

Brooklyn Lounge

The Napa lounge with a Peachie sofa, 2 Hayden chairs, and a Dustin coffee table

peach and light blue for an indoor lounge setting

2 Hayden chairs on an Hubert rug

Sayulita Lounge

The Sayulita lounge with a Paloma sofa, a Frederick chair and a Sabrina table

two peacock pillows on a white sofa

Palm Desert Lounge

a mint Wes sectional sofa in a Palm Desert vibe lounge area

a Kilmer coffee table on a Louis rug

Santa Fe Lounge

the Santa Fe lounge with a Sunny sofa and an Alejandro love seat

a Sienna rug in a lounge setting

the Sunny sofa and assorted pillows

Savannah Lounge

the Savannah Lounge with a light blue settee

We hope to take some of the load off your planning process with these lounges. Of course, they can also be inspiration for your desired rental collection, so head on over to our inventory to see what other incredible pieces we have that would spice up the scene!

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