Our Essential Guide To Austin

It’s no secret that Austin is a popular place to live – it’s ranked #1 as the fastest growing city for a few years now. It’s a cultural mecca for musicians, artists, techies, foodies, filmmakers, entrepreneurs; you name it, people are flocking here for our progressive mentality and ease of life.

Because we spend most of our time exploring new venues, restaurants, shops, and activities in town so that we can advise our clients on the best of the best, we thought we’d be kind enough to share some of our favorites in town with you, too. Whether you’re in town for a weekend or an entire week (lucky you!), these are some hot-spots you won’t want to miss.

Fresa’s Chicken al Carbon

Fresa's Chicken al Carbon in Austin

Fresa's to go food and drinks in Austin

Photo via Fresa’s

Houndstooth Coffee

Thursday night coffee at Houndstooth Coffee

Photo via Don Mason

Houndstooth coffee machine in Austin, TX

Photo via Houndstooth

Bribery Bakery

Bribery Bakery neon sign

Photo via Bribery Bakery


Winebelly bar in Austin

Photo via Winebelly

Winebelly restaurant interior

Photo via Austin Chronicle

Violet Crown Cinema

Violet Crown Cinema

Photo via FÖDA Studio

Violet Crown Cinema seats in Austin

Photo via FÖDA Studio

Frond Plant Shop

Frond Plant Shop airy interior design

Photo via Frond Plant Shop

the inside of the Frond Plant Shop in Austin

Photo via Frond Plant Shop

Raven + Lily

Raven + Lily minimalist interior design

Photo via Raven + Lily

Raven + Lily clothing shop in Austin

Photo via Raven + Lily

Paper + Craft Pantry

Paper + Craft Pantry entrance

Photo via Paper + Craft Pantry

girls cross stitching

Photo via Paper + Craft Pantry

Now, can you see why so many people are flocking to Austin? Don’t worry, we’ll welcome you with a big hug if we’ve just convinced you to move here, too.

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