2017 Pantone Color: Greenery

In the design industry, the saying, “New year, new me,” goes a little more like, “New year, new Pantone color,” and we absolutely love the one they picked: greenery. The suspense to see what color authority decides will be the trendsetting shade for the next year always has us waiting on pins + needles, since we know we’ll soon be able to design lounges, weddings, and shoots based around it.

As HUGE plant lovers (have you seen our showroom, potted plants that we rent out, and office?), this color was a no-brainer for us, and we immediately wanted to rush out to purchase even more greenery to compliment our vintage goods. Pretty sure our local nursery thinks we’re landscaping an entire yard with the amount of plants we purchase.

Pantone Greenery

Our favorite thing about this year’s color is how easy it is to incorporate into weddings, events, and everyday life. It’s not at all uncommon to hear the phrase “I love the greenery in here,” when we have guests come visit us in our office. We keep fresh florals, plants, and dried greenery all over our warehouse at all times. Birch & Brass wouldn’t be what it is today without a little help from Mother Nature. Sometimes, we admittedly kill our plant babies far too quickly, so we though it’d be fun to do a round-up of plants that we’ve had great success in keeping alive.

These non-green-thumb friendly indoor plants that are so easy to care for, as well as some images of our past events where greenery has played a major part in the aesthetic.

10 easy indoor plants to care for

  1. Boston Fern | 2. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | 3. Pothos | 4. Jade Plant | 5. Snake Plant | 6. Rubber Tree Plant | 7. English Ivy | 8. Spider Plant | 9. Philodendron | 10. Aloe

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate the Pantone color of the year into your upcoming event, here’s some of our previous events that we found many different ways to spread the greenery love!

succulents as a centerpiece

Photo by Jessica Scott

willow tree branches

Photo by Jessica Scott

an outdoor dinner setting with a wooden table and assorted chairs

a settee and a chair in a vineyard

Photo by Love, The Nelsons

a wedding arch with wooden frames and blush flowers

Photo by Julie Wilhite

green cookies on a white coffee table

Photo by Julie Wilhite

an airy green wedding centerpiece

Photo by Julie Wilhite

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