Artsy VIP

When Foundation Capital, a NorCal-based venture capitalist firm, approached us for rentals and styling, only our wildest imagination would have envisioned how beautiful their 2-day VIP SXSW event would turn out!

The first day was an artsy, fun look where they wanted bright colors, strong textures, and plenty of vivid hues. We played around with our pieces that incorporated their company colors, tieing the look together with a bright garland strung from the the tent. This event goes to show that an explosion of color can be done tastefully.

In contrast, day two focused on the juxtaposition of modern and antique. We utilized our mid-century modern pieces amongst vignettes featuring our traditional vintage pieces to create an entirely different and unique feel. The color palette was black, white, red, and navy on the second day. As opposed to the more obvious choice of taking this into an Americana theme, we simply wanted to utilize these colors in unique ways that were completely unexpected.

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    Love, The Nelsons