Our Rentals

Henry Backdrop Walls

Candice Macrame Backdrop

Grace Macrame Backdrop

Keeva Macrame Backdrop

Abigail Pegboard

Edie Easels

Kiefer Pegboard Walls

Robert XL Easel

Pippa Textile Ladder

Connect Four Game

Corn Hole Game Sets

Assorted Apple Crates

Dewey Crate

Seagrass Baskets – Medium

Seagrass Baskets – Small

Stella Baskets

Woven Palm Boxes – Medium

Woven Palm Boxes – Small

Seagrass Floor Vase

Diego Assorted Pottery

Turkish Pottery – Medium

Turkish Pottery – Small

White Turkish Pottery – Large

White Turkish Pottery – Medium

White Turkish Pottery – Small

Bradshaw Vases – Large

Bradshaw Vases – Medium

Bradshaw Vases – Small

Depp Vases

Elodie Vessels

Jayde Vessels

Neutral Ceramic Vessels

Sandy Vases – Taupe

Sandy Vases – White

Terrazzo Vases – Large

Terrazzo Vases – Medium

Terrazzo Vases – Small

Thatcher Vases

Zephyr Planters – Set of 3

Drip Glaze Bowls

Orgo Tripod Bowls

Preece Bowls

Blue Demijohns

Clear Demijohns

Green Demijohns

Peach Demijohns

Chipwood Lanterns – Large

Chipwood Lanterns – Medium

Seagrass Lanterns – Large

Seagrass Lanterns – Small

Assorted Brass Candlesticks

Castillo Candleholders – Large

Castillo Candleholders – Medium

Castillo Candleholders – Small

Evelyn Vessels

Nove Candle Holders – Set of 3

Pink Depression Glass Candlesticks

Faux Large Pillar Candles

Faux Medium Pillar Candles

Faux Small Pillar Candles

Faux Tealight Candles

Votive Candles

Bamboo Branches

Birch Branches

Bunny Tail Grass Bunches

Canary Grass Bunches

Feather Grass Bunches

Medium Assorted Plants

Palm Leaf Fans – Set of 2

Assorted Small Crystals

Driftwood Sculptures

Neutral Book Bundles

Nova Candleholders – Set of 3

Shane Vases

Vintage Books

Vintage Doilies