Showroom Opening Party: Part 2

After our nice little holiday hiatus, we finally are getting into the 2017 groove with a (not so) quick wrap-up of one of our favorite events of 2016: our showroom grand opening party! Our coverage of this event last left off giving kudos to half of the vendor friends we collaborated with, and we have a few more to showcase a single blog post would never do our friends justice. There were simply too many beautiful aspects to choose our favorites. First up, a huge thank you to our good friends over at Vannagram & Co.

Their vintage VW van makes us mint green with envy, since we’d obviously love to have one ourselves. Until then, we’ll continue being their biggest fangirls! We’ve had the privilege of working with them in the past on many events + photo shoots, and we still have so much fun putting their props to use in front of the camera. Emily catered to the style of our party by creating a photo template that matched our invitation and included all of our vendor’s logos, and we provided guests with some dainty flower crowns to create a picture-perfect look every time.

a mint van photo cabin

a mint van used as a photo-booth

There are wedding DJ’s – you know, the kind that make everyone’s skin crawl as they play lame tunes, and then there is DJ Chino Casino. Not only does he have impeccable taste in tunes, but he can read a room perfectly to make sure everyone is having a good time and the vibes are smooth. He’ll adjust everything according to how many folks are on the dance floor, and he managed to set the overall mood of the evening so perfectly.

a DJ at the Birch & Brass opening party

Feathers & Frosting is owned by our dear friend, Danae. We originally met her when she came into our warehouse for her wedding, and our friendship has blossomed throughout the years. She’s grown her business alongside ours, and we are so thrilled to see how far she’s come. Her creations are delectable, they’re always beautifully decorated, and the flavors range from traditional to innovative — something we couldn’t appreciate more. All of her desserts are made with fresh local ingredients from Austin farmers, so they contain no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Honestly, the black lava salt cookies were flying off the display because they’re that good.

cake bites on a marble platter

a wooden bookcase used for the dessert bar

a two-tiered mini cake

Our guests were able to quench their thirst with our specialty cocktail menu that was created by She + Him Bartending. A husband and wife duo, they know how to pour one delicious drink (or two – but who’s counting?) They were so wonderful at keeping the party going strong, and making sure everyone in the showroom got their tasty drinks quickly.

the cocktail bar area

the cocktail bar menu

Finally, we want to give you a glimpse into the remainder of our showroom and office, where all of our design magic takes place. We love having brides and coordinators alike come in to see our space and inventory, so we can dream up the perfect lounge or table setting together.

the entrance to the Birch & Brass showroom

A white and cream lounge setting

a white and pink work space

a vintage lounge area with a red velvet sofa

sofas, settees and chairs in the Birch & Brass showroomassorted pillows around a floor table

Thanks again to all our wonderful vendors for celebrating our warehouse opening with us! Here’s to 2017.

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