SXSW Day 1: Foundation Capital

During the first week of SXSW, we had the pleasure of working with Foundation Capital based out of Northern California. We weren’t sure what to expect from our first SXSW experience as a business, to be perfectly honest. We’ve heard horror stories of road blockages and having to carry pieces from blocks away for deliveries. Thankfully, all went smoothly for us!

We’re still a very small company (as in, there’s only two of us). My husband helps us with deliveries, but the day-to-day grind always entails myself and Ashton. Don’t be surprised if two petite women roll our trailer up to your event and unload sofas, farm tables, and chairs. Trust us, we’re stronger than we look!

I truly believe that women are capable of accomplishing anything that men are, and SXSW definitely proved this to to be true. Although we hired additional hands to help us with deliveries, we were still out at all hours of the morning and evening to drop-off, setup, and pickup from events. I’m beyond grateful that my business has grown this quickly; it’s still mind-blowing to me that we had 20 events in less than two weeks.

One of our personal favorites and our largest event was Foundation Capital’s 2-day VIP party. We worked with their event coordinator to design different vignettes for each of the days based upon the visions he had in mind. We also sourced all of the succulents and terrariums, then made the arrangements ourselves. We were on 20 foot ladders hanging piñatas and garland and styling the heck out of the entire event each day… This was truly an event where we got to be creative and let our imaginations run wild!

Overall, we’re so proud of what we accomplished. The first day was an artsy, fun look where they wanted bright colors and a strong presence of vivid hues. Hope you enjoy these event photos as much as we did. A huge thank you to Shay of Love, The Nelsons for photographing everything for us.

An outdoor lounge setting with Giselle Settees and colorful tassels

Featured pieces: Giselle settee, Ramina chairs, Selma rug, Laurel rug, Bianca rug, Mexican sugar molds, Claire table, Nash table, Pillow

Lounge setting with a Christopher sofa, a Duke coffee table, and Turkish pillows

Featured pieces: Christopher sofa, Terrariums, Duke coffee table, Persi nesting tables, Roscoe chairs, Anna chaise lounge, Turkish pillows, Eve table, Hailey rug

An outdoor lounge setting with a yellow sofa

Outdoor lounge setting with a Sunny sofa, Reid Ottoman, and Yorker theatre seats

Featured pieces: Sunny sofa, Reid ottoman, Yorker theatre seats, Randy rocker, Suki rug, Sienna rug, Gable chest, Mia pillows, Emerson table, Grant table, Vita table (tray only), Richter ottoman

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